Natural ways of inducing labor at home

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Bystre deti:
Since my first delivery was a C-section in the USA because of a risk of complication regarding supposedly big baby (4,6 kg), I was at a risk of having a C-section again. But I really wanted to go natural way and I convinced my care provider to try to wait and give a birth naturally. The baby was not supposed to be that big one week before the due date and it was head down so I was allowed to wait if nature would help me and I would go to labor on my own. Medical induction was not a possibility. So I started to search about natural ways how to induce labor at home. And I found great ideas that I want to share with you - it may help you as it helped me - and because of that I went to labor and gave a birth one day before scheduled C-section more than 1 week after my due date. I was so grateful and I still am!!! Natural delivery was so great and enriched experience!

So here are some tips of natural ways how to induce labor at home:
First of all, let me say something at the beginning. If your body is ready to go into labor, these methods may be helpful in getting it started. If not, take the hint! Your body and baby know best when they are ready. Natural methods carry far fewer risks than medical induction methods, which are more invasive and have serious possible side effects. Be sure to check with your care provider before trying any induction method.

First and Most Important-Relax!
Labor will not begin if you're tense, worried or trying hard to start labor. Try a warm (not hot) bath in candlelight. Get a professional massage with the only goal being relaxation. You could also try visualization or meditation.
• Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths-in through your nose and out through your mouth.
• Get in touch with your body, starting with your toes and working your way up to your face.
• Imagine a flower opening slowly as you breathe in and out.
• Imagine what your baby looks like and imagine her being born, gently and peacefully.
Not only is this technique relaxing, but it uses the mind/body connection. A visual of being open and the baby being born might be the natural way to induce labor that you need.

Talk to Your Baby - As silly as it might feel, talk to your baby and make sure she feels welcome. Tell her about her room, about her grandparents, about your hopes and dreams for her. If nothing else, it creates some wonderful memories and gives you a chance to bond with your baby while you are trying out natural ways to induce labor.

Sex! - Sex is the most well-known trick to begin labor. Semen has natural prostaglandins--a hormone involved in the start of labor. If you use this technique, don't get up right away and elevate your hips to help the semen stay on the cervix. This will help to thin and dilate it.

Nipple Stimulation - Nipple stimulation releases hormone called natural Oxytocin. In order to release Oxytocin by nipple stimulation, massage your nipples by rolling them between your thumbs and forefingers for 2 minutes. Then rest for 3 minutes. Repeat rolling and resting for 20 minutes. This usually gets the labor contractions to start. Remember that you should use nipple stimulation to induce your labor only if your cervix has already effacated.

Physical Activity - Whatever requires you to walk, bend, squat, be on all fours and stand… Certain positions and changing them do play a role in helping the baby to get into an optimal birthing position. Especially squatting, in addition to helping your baby to descent into the birth canal, opens up the pelvic area, and stretches your muscles on the pelvic area and inner thighs, and relaxes your lower back.

Raspberry Leaf Tea - It is important to know that the consumption of red raspberry leaf tea to induce labor does not lead to labor pains. That is it doesn't induce labor, it merely helps to tone the muscles of the uterus. It is known to reduce the pain associated with childbirth but it has no effect to reduce the pain caused due to the dilation of the pelvic muscles. Many women consume raspberry leaf tea in the form of ice cubes during the delivery to help ease the pain and improve the contractions. Women also increase the dosage of raspberry leaf tea to induce labor once they are past their due day..

Acupressure Points to Induce Labor - Acupressure has been proven to be an effective way to induce labor. Acupressure can be used to induce labor even before the cervix has not dilated due to the fact that acupressure helps cervix to dilate.
Acupressure means applying pressure on specific spots on your body with fingertips. These acupressure points inducing labor can be found on shoulders, hands, lower legs and ankles. You could find an acupressure specialist to apply acupressure to induce labor.
On the other hand, because acupressure techniques are simple, you or your partner could stimulate these acupressure points to induce labor your self at home. Treat the points known to stimulate labor by pressing them and massaging them with small circular motion for 1-5 minutes few times a day. I will come back with more details later. It really helped me!!! 

Other methods: There are some other methods you can be recommended to do but I did not try them myself so I do not want to talk about them.

Krista G:
I never tried this myself, but my aunt did it for both of her pregnancies and had her babies within 2 hours of this potion.  You mix 2 ounces of orange juice with 2 ounces of castor oil and 2 ounces of vodka.  Drink and then take a hot shower.  I was too scared to try it.

I did read about an alternative which is more mild and I think it really set me into labor.  Take castor oil and rub it on your belly then cover with a warm towel or cloth.  I did this for 30 minutes or so.  Within an hour and half I was in hard labor.  It is much less invasive.

I remember with my third daughter I was walking around 5cm dialated and 2 weeks overdue. I  tried the raspberry tea but that didn't work.
Nothing really did. In the end I had to be induced beacuse she just wasn't coming out.  :blush:
I do say to those when trying some home remedies to be very careful.  Especially castor oil. The caution is that it can cause dehydration and diarreaha and vomiting in some women and in some cases( not all) cause fetal distress. So its not something that is highly recommended to do these days.
Not saying not to do it, but to do it with caution.

Krista G:

Exactly why I didn't use it internally.  Labor has enough unknowns already.

Bystre deti:
I did it because I would have to go to have a CS if my labor did not start naturally. I really wanted a natural birth so I tried mainly accupressure points that induce labor and they worked. I enjoyed natural birth and I am so grateful for it!


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