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Title: Which program to buy?
Post by: Aashi29 on November 29, 2013, 07:02:37 PM
I am new to Right Brain Training and also to this forum. Can someone please explain the difference between the products available at the Brill Kids site - Deluxe, Lite, Pro and Upgrade to Pro? Also, are there any products which can be useful for an almost 6 year old ?


Title: Re: Which program to buy?
Post by: CedarMom on August 21, 2014, 01:26:06 AM
I don't know either, but following your answer....

Title: Re: Which program to buy?
Post by: Lappy on August 21, 2014, 01:58:33 AM
Hello Aashi29 and Cedarmoon!  :biggrin:

Here's a "Cliff Notes" version to explain our Little Reader products:

 :right:  Little Reader LITE:

This is what you can download for FREE. The moment you sign up as a member, you can download this program from your Account. It's sort of what we would refer to as a trial. It has a 9-day Starter Course, which gives you a taste of what the whole curriculum could possibly be like.

From the first day you install this, it also comes with all of the editing features unlocked. You have 14 days to try out all the editing features, like making your own lessons or changing the pictures of the current lessons and adding in your own. After 14 days, all of these editing features are deactivated, and you are left with a Little Reader which will only play the 9-day Starter Course. You won't get any further than that unless you want to buy a full course, but you can play the start course over and over and over again, as much as you want.

 :right:  Little Reader PRO:

This is what you buy when you only want to unlock all the editing features. You don't get the full one-year course we offer, but all the editing features are unlocked for you - this means you can actually go ahead and make your own lessons using your own photos and audio. This is what most parents and teachers buy when they already know what they want to teach and they specifically want to do it on their own.

 :right:  Little Reader Language Curriculum:

This is what you buy when you want to get just the language curriculum: we have them in English (with a choice of British or American English), Chinese (with a choice of Simplified or Traditional written Chinese with pronunciations all done in Mandarin), Spanish, Russian, French, Thai. When you buy this, you will be able to download the curriculum you bought, but the editing features are still locked for you. You can play whatever curriculum you already purchased over and over again as you wish.

 :right:  Little Reader BASIC:

Little Reader Basic is what you buy when you want THE full 12-month curriculum we have on offer AND you want the editing features unlocked. Most people buy this because it has great value for the price it's at. You can start out by using the course we have made, and along the way, whenever you want to teach new stuff or you want to create your own lessons using your own photos and audio, you can go ahead and do so because the editing features are unlocked for you to use.

This product is available as a "Download Only" (that means you will be able to download and install everything once you buy it) or as a "Physical Kit" (that means you will be sent a box with the software, and that means added shipping cost).

 :right:  Little Reader Deluxe:

This is the big daddy of all of our Little Reader products. It's a full kit with 25 storybooks, reusable flash cards, pattern phonics flip cards (which are great for teaching and practicing phonics), a couple of booklets to help introduce you to the concept of teaching young children to read, and some other neat stuff like labeling stickers. These physical materials are bundled up with a 12-month English curriculum (again, your choice of British or American English) and the editing features all unlocked.

All of these goodies are neatly packed in a big purple box which weights about 5.5kgs so that's something to consider when buying, since the shipping fee will be proportionate to the weight of the package.

WHEW!  :whew: I think that about sums it up!

In case I missed out on any information you're looking for, just hit the reply button and ask, I'll be more than happy to share with you what I know.

Have a wonderful wonderful day everyone!  :yum:

Title: Re: Which program to buy?
Post by: Natadan on August 21, 2014, 05:08:42 AM
Gracias por la explicación Lappy!Yo estaba hecha un lio, y me ha servido de mucho el resumen que nos has hecho  ;)  Yo seguramente comprare la version premium de little reader, y el curriculum en español para combinarlos. Asi mi hijo y yo aprendemos juntos ingles, y repasamos el español.

Un saludo y sois un equipo muy amable. Siempre respondeis a nuestras dudas de una manera sencilla y rapida. Gracias!

Thanks for the explanation Lappy! I was made ​​a mess, and has served me well the summary that you have made us  ;)  Surely I'll buy the premium version of little reader, and the curriculum in Spanish to combine. So my son and I learn English together, and go over the Spanish.

Regards and are a very friendly team. Whenever you respond to our questions in a simple and fast way. Thank you!

Title: Re: Which program to buy?
Post by: TeachingMyToddlers on November 01, 2014, 11:13:55 PM
Also wanted to add, some people are confused about the 12 month curriculum. The curriculum is designed to be completed in 12 months BUT the license does not expire in 12 months.  It is a 12 month curriculum but it is yours to use as long as you like without expiration. :thumbsup: