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Title: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
Post by: Lappy on February 10, 2014, 04:02:45 AM
Visit our Official Website!
Early Education for Every Child Foundation
We need volunteers who will help us to reach some of the most vulnerable children around the world - orphans.
Thai Curriculum CD Case Image The Early Education for Every Child Foundation has had incredible success with making a difference in orphan education by providing them with BrillKids products as well as educational products from our partners.

We don't want a single child with a legitimate need for our programs to go without!

Learn about our activities: Ket'Wangi Orphanage in Kenya

Take a look at just one orphanage in rural Kenya. At the time of our first contact, this orphanage did not have dedicated classroom, computer or organized ongoing school classes.

There are many changes that took place there over the last two years! Read about their progress here:

The children at Ket Wangi orphanage are learning to read, write, spell: they are now also learning different languages, math and music with BrillKids programs. In addition to this, we have also provided them with Geography resources specially created for Foundation recipients as well as educational videos from our partners.

We can make a difference in the lives of many children together with you.


At the moment we are looking for volunteers, willing to dedicate 2-8 hours fortnightly to help us:

  • Contact orphanages who may benefit from our programs. Let them know about EEECF's available educational grants
  • Communicate with potential institutions who are interested in implementing educational programs offered by the Foundation
  • Help these orphanages and institutions fill in the Online Grant Application Form

We will provide you with resources, all we need at the moment - willing hands to help us with some technical tasks, such as putting information in our database, communicating with the orphanages in our database and helping them to fill the Online Grant Application Form.

Learn more about being a Volunteer

For more information, feel free to email our EEECF President, Natalie Berg.

Visit EEECF.ORG for more information about our projects, grant offers, and volunteer program.
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Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
Post by: bella on February 11, 2014, 11:07:17 PM
I applied a while ago to join EEECF . I was hoping to bring BK products to our orphanages and poor schools . All i have in hand is my own copy of Little reader that i use with my kids . The population I am aiming for is really poor , no computers available , I need some guidance what steps to take  , how to do it ?? what resources you can provide ?? do you have any printed material i can take along when contacting educaiton associations ?? 2 weeks ago I was in touch with a european running an NJO to build schools in remote areas , i told her about EEECF and the programs , she was very excited and wanted to meet to discuss it further , she was thinking they might work on providing some computers so we can run little readers in the schools they are building . Any advice, recommendations , documents you can provide me so i can prepare for our meeting ??

Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
Post by: Skylark on February 12, 2014, 12:43:52 AM
That is wonderful to hear again from you, Viv!

Yes, you are welcome to share with them your personal experiences using Little Reader with your own children, and how (from your perspective) EL programs may be beneficial for them in their particular situation.

Since you are right there, and are able to see the situation first hand, you can suggest the ways they will be able to use the programs, and see if they are interested. You can also refer them to BrillBaby website for more information on EL or share some of the outstanding benefits of early education with them, in case they are not very familiar with them. The same way you will do with anyone, who expresses the interest in Early Learning.

If you feel they will be able to benefit from EEECF Scholarships in their particular situation, simply connect them with us and we will take it from there. You can refer them to the Scholarship application here -- Or you can even go further and assist them in filling this Scholarship application, which I am sure they will appreciate!

This applies to any situation when you meet some NGO or a needy school that in your opinion can greatly benefit from our Learning Programs and will be able to implement them. (At the moment, they need to have at least one computer, that they will be able to use for their lessons.)

Thank you for keeping your eyes open and wanting to bring new learning opportunities to the needy children in your area!

In relation to this particular ad, we actually looking for volunteers to help us with technical tasks of screening potential orphanages and their websites, adding them to the database and assisting with preliminary communication with them. So it does not matter where you are located or if you have any outreach skills, you can still help!

Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
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Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
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Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
Post by: alaxander007 on April 04, 2019, 10:49:48 AM
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Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
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Title: Re: Volunteer with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation (EEECF)
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