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Title: Need advice/help for a project
Post by: Ayesha Nicole on September 28, 2014, 08:59:08 PM
as salaamu 'alaikum,

With regard to a project I have to create for my Arabic course, I need images to show actions of verbs that I will conjugate for present and past tenses (active voice) with 14 pronouns as seen in the last two right-hand columns below:

to study:

to write:

and I will also conjugate the following verb roots:  to read, to listen, to speak, and to understand.

Any suggestions for how to do that?  I think I will just use the same sentence for each conjugation of a verb root, as seen on page 12 of this pdf:

Page 12 - Grammar 1 pdf (image attached) or can be seen at this link:

And I will try to use images from BK-LR; or where can I find images?  Also, how can I change the font color for specific category words I am using?  I want to use pink for feminine, blue for masculine, and purple for dual conjugations - maybe by creating these category sets?:

Present Tense - Verb - Masculine conjugations (blue)
Present Tense - Verb - Feminine conjugations (pink)
Present Tense - Verb - Dual conjugations (purple)

Past Tense - Verb - Masculine conjugations (blue)
Past Tense - Verb - Feminine conjugations (pink)
Past Tense - Verb - Dual conjugations (purple)

and then I can mix them up in playlist sets:

* individual in order
* pairs:  I/we, he/she, they (singular), etc.
* triple:  he, they (dual), their; she, they (dual), their, I/we, etc.
* begin mixing between present/past

What do you think?

as salaamu 'alaikum.

~ Ayesha