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Title: How to configure Norton firewall connection blocking?
Post by: andrewjackson0 on May 23, 2019, 10:51:20 AM
You can use the Norton Firewall Connection Blocking window to monitor which apps or services are allowed to connect to the internet or access the local network. You can use the steps mentioned below to configure the Connection Blocking settings on Norton:
Step 1: Start Norton and open the ‘Advanced settings’
Step 2: Select ‘Firewall and go to the ‘Connection Blocking’ row
Step 3: Open the ‘Editing settings’ menu and select the network location
Step 4: Click on an option from the ‘View’ menu regarding the app/service
Step 5: Choose a tab, i.e. Incoming or Outgoing (or both)
Step 6: Use the Action pop-up menu to specify other connection blocking preferences then click ‘Done.’
If you cannot complete any of the steps given above you can call the Norton customer service number ( and ask for additional tech support.