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Title: Why I'd choose to homeschool
Post by: rose08 on March 24, 2009, 12:48:04 PM
 I really would like to home school my child as like someone said in another strand, if we teach our children now everything they will learn in the first few years of school they will get bored and not want to go. I know that I was like that, i could read before i went into school and the teachers tried to make me read the books the other students were reading and it only took me a few seconds to finish them. Even though i was finishing them so quick the teachers wouldnt give me anything more challenging. It took my mum coming into the school and talking to the teacher before they would give me a higher level to read.

All through school i felt like i didnt fit in. When i was in year 1 i used to tutor other students, and being a kid :) i accepted 50cents for doing their homework...sometimes.

By the time i was in year three they finally realized that i needed to be in a higher class so i got skipped up into year four. But it was half way through the year and most of the students in the higher class resented me, i guess they felt threatened or something as i was younger.

It was hard to make friends and I was always bullied and an outcast at school. I know that a lot of people say that being homeschooled means that the child will miss out on a social life and wont make friends but I was put into school and didnt make friends anyway.

If i homeschool my child i will make sure that they get involved with other children depending on their interests. If they are interested in sports, drama, music...etc.. I believe that it is easier to make friends in groups outside of school anyway. I have also heard that you can have homeschooling groups, where parents around the local area who are all homeschooling their children, get together and run lessons together so the children experience a school like atmosphere.

This is the reason why I'd choose to homeschool. Just wondering about other people, and how they made the choice to homeschool?

Title: Re: Why I'd choose to homeschool
Post by: cassidy336 on March 24, 2009, 06:05:20 PM
I know this great mom who is older than me and has 4 kids.  She is open to any ideas whether they are mainstream or not.  She said that sometimes the things she chooses to do for her kids don't feel like her choices.  They feel like what the kids want her to do for them. 

So, I feel like my son wanted me to find a way to quench his thirst to learn and it lead me here.  I'm also thinking that by him so quickly learning so much that he is leading me to homeschool him.  It isn't anything I ever thought I would do, nor is it something that I "want" to do, but I think it will end up being what he will be happy with and so it is what I will be happy to do. 

I already see him bored with other kids his age and I think it will only get worse as he learns more.  It just seems the best way to let him go at his speed, whatever that may be.  He is still so young that I can't guarantee that this is the path we will follow forever, but we will for now.

Title: Re: Why I'd choose to homeschool
Post by: saniso on March 24, 2009, 08:09:43 PM
I am not a hundred percent sure that I would homeschool as I also have another career which I immensely enjoy. If I chose to "homeschool " , it is probably going to be combined traditional school and homeschool. (that is if I can do it well enough) Also I would love to expose my child to my culture and this I think will be the basis of my "homeschool" .
Also I am sure that even when the child starts formal schooling, there are infinite things to know about and the child when given the opportunity to lead will join in for exploring these, when not in school.

Like i said this is what I think at this time  :confused: , I myself am not to sure about which way we want to go with our child. Just my 2 cents :D

Title: Re: Why I'd choose to homeschool
Post by: rose08 on March 25, 2009, 10:26:37 AM
Thanks for your 2 cents  :biggrin:
I am still trying to decide what will be best for my daughter. But as she is only 11months i still have plenty of time to decide. As i am a stay at home mum, it is easier for me to choose, but i understand that it is not that easy for people who have to (or enjoy :)) work.

I think that i will see how far along she is in her learning. There are some parts of school that i would hate for her to miss out on such as getting certificates from assembly in front of the whole school for doing good work. I remember going up there and feeling proud although very embarrassed.

But in the long run it will be what is best for my daughter and not what i want.