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Title: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: ad on April 11, 2009, 09:37:05 AM

Looking for some suggestions on the pre-school's in Singapore. Are the local one's good enough??? Is Montessori system better or normal school's. What age is the best to start. We don’t want it to be high end but where kids can flourish n enjoy.

Please share your view's, if your kids are or attended any pre-school.


Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: Gracie on May 20, 2009, 08:27:27 AM

Normal should be better. Montessori is dearer but that doesn't mean more superior. Try Little Big Creativity Centre @ 105 Lor Stangee Tel : 97729297. They have superb programmes and teaching staff.

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: miyavi4eva on August 17, 2009, 03:30:14 PM
hi. nanyang seems very popular. need to wait about 2 years to get in! shichida is another one that seems to have a very good programme but the price is really super steep! etonhouse international considered the creme de la creme again comes with a hefty price tag. for me my first choice is nanyang but my girl still on waiting list with 400 plus pple ahead of us so no chance of getting in next year(she'll be 4, time for nursery!) she's been attending shichida for a year now i just put her in little neuro tree as well. next year put her in far eastern kindergarten(this is what i attended when i was a kid) they still have quite a good reputation. or u can consider maris stella( at one time it was THE school to attend) hopefully all the home practice makes up for not getting into nanyang!

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: ad on August 18, 2009, 02:45:54 PM
Hi miyaavi4eva,

thanks for your reply. Do you have any feedback from friends / family whose kids attending Shichida kindergarten. I had visited the school but didn't find too impressive....however the curriculum seems very interesting...not sure how its being carried out (the school just started this year). Nanyang seems to have long waiting early do u think we should register and any specific criteria for admission. daughter also goes to SP. How's neuro tree???Are they not the same??? (NT..started by ex-Shichida teachers???)

We've really not finalised the school...i would prefer montessori but not sure if there's a good one near by...other's like Pat's, Chiltern also have long waitlist (i don't think will get there). Would have loved to send my kid to Shichida.

Will check out Maris Stella and Nanyang and see if we can waitlist n what no.???

thanks for your help.

I was also wondering....if we can share the source of material...flash cards etc??? from where do you buy or make??? Any other suggestions on home practice since we are new here.

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: miyavi4eva on August 18, 2009, 04:03:24 PM
hi ad, hmm... no one i know has kids in shichida kindergarten. i know they started this year last year b4 the opening they had some promo for the existing students in shichida but i wasn't too keen on it cos new school i feel needs time to develop its curriculum n i dun wan my daughter to be the guinea pig! yah pat's is good too me friend's 2 daughter's are both there n they are both doing above average. pat's curriculum is good they really prepare the students for primary 1.nanyang for children born in 2006 has wait list 400 plus pple. which year is ur child born? how long ur child been attending shichida?

my girl been in shichida for a year already, at first was quite difficult she runs around the class n sometimes sleeps! but with regular home practice she improved alot. then i got pregnant with my second child n my morning sickness was so bad i stopped doing home practice for about 4-5 months even thought about withdrawing but i'm glad i didn't cos now we're back on track(well had to start dots programme all over again n u know how tedious that is!). i put her in LNT only for the language factor. she's far more advanced than the other kids in her LNT class even though they been doing it for more than 2 terms n she just joined last week! i know LNT started by the bro of shichida principal. it is similar to shichida but they dun have ESP, speed reading, dots programme n certain activities seem more left brain than right. honestly i find shichida programme overall is better(LNT is $600 per term compared to shichida's $800) the only strong point is the languages(which is what i really need cos my family all speak eng! so worried chinese wil be a problem later on)

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: miyavi4eva on August 18, 2009, 04:24:10 PM
oh for my home practice i start off with energy balls, then simple ESP games(eg: hide 2 colour erasers in my hands ask which hand has the blue colour etc.) sometimes a bit of image training(tea party, pretend to be a bird etc.) flashcards(200 mix of eng, chinese n jap, excluding dots programme) dots programme, flash memory(start with 5 cards build up to 20 b4 changing set) next is memory games(1 sec memory sequence(3 pics in a row but in shichida class now she doing 4 pics i still do 3 at home cos i already prepared a lot so wan to finish my sets b4 making new ones but my girl gets all 4 pics right in class 90% of the time) spot the difference(make myself from the sticker books can print so i make 2 similar pics with a subtle difference eg: one pony has ribbon one doesn't) space memory(i bought the photographic memory kit this is REALLY good u can consider getting from @$130) object memory(show 4-6 pics for 5 sec then ask her to name those she saw) listening(read her a short paragraph then ask her to recall the items) then linking memory from shichida. after that is mandala(in her shichida class haven start doing this but i let her start already) then we do IQ genius puzzle 2 pictures n blocks 2 pictures. followed by flashcards dvd eng n chinese then neurolinguist jap cd-rom(flashcards n which one? game) finally its shichida worksheets(if dun have its IQ starter 1 from popular) then join the dots(2 pages) then writing alphabets or numbers or chinese words or jap words n finish off with leting her play with her sticker book(she loves sticker books!) my flashcards i make most myself i'm SAHM so i make about 50 plus a day every week i complete no less than 400 cards so she sees 2 new sets a week n 2 old sets from the previous week) blank cards i order in bulk from mukim trading the quality same as those blank cards sold at tensai shop. i would love to exchange home practice materials if u have any u like to share do let me know! oh sorry forgot to mention eye training in powerpoint after ESP games.

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: ad on August 21, 2009, 08:27:06 AM
hi...thanks for the replies n really detailed ones.

Even i feel the same for shichida daughter's born in will be checking out this weekend for these schools. Yes, we also liked pat's but it has long waitlist..even Chiltern. So i'm ok even if she doesn't start jan 2010....i think jul will be good as she'll be 2.5yrs.My girl's in shichida for a yr. I've not been doing home practice daily and recently started the dots prog...that too not everyday. Very difficult to prepare 200 cards every week. I used Shichida one's then made some at home, bought some from popular but all finish so fast. ESP...i don't do much, once in a while(which hand has the ring..which she's bored off). You must be knowing abt winktolearn...chinese dvd's. My lil one loves the sing to learn.

Great!! You follow the full home practice session...thats superb. Do u do all this in a single day?? or spread over a week. My daughter wud just see the flash cards...lately she sometimes sits for linking memory...puzzles, matching..etc not interested. Very nice to know that your doing so much and following it fully.How do u manage 400 cards a week???? As your daughter's older some activities are different from what they do for my daughter.Where do u stay..pls PM me...would love to exchange the material. I have the basic flash cards...planning to make some for lil higher levels (types of cat's, apes etc) since she already knows cat, monkey etc....use LR also....but I think physical one's are better. She doesn't see PPT's at all. I bought most of them from Shichida except word cards, time, abacus, sentence cards. Some are in japanese so no use. Please let me know what source u use....

thanks again!!

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: ad on August 21, 2009, 08:31:45 AM
thanks for sharing the little pony site...karma to you..the second link...has some problem..

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: miyavi4eva on August 21, 2009, 03:13:25 PM
oh sorry the second link for the photographic memory kit is the owner is very nice he owns the jurong east n jurong west branch of LNT. his son used to attend shichida as well but he finds LNT programme more suited. for me my girl attends both shichida n LNT at toa payoh. to me i find shichida programme overall better LNT only strong point is language(the materials are also very well made). yes i do all the activities everyday in a 1 hour sitting. flashcards i try to flash twice(lesson in the morning, 1 more time flashcards after her nap) i plan the lesson for the next day every night n make flashcards 50 plus every night too(all this takes me about 3 hours) sorry i dunno how to PM u can email me i can tell u my address n some of the materials i have to swop. my girl also does not like looking at powerpoints that's y i make so many flashcards everyday! only the eye training she will look. most of the flashcards can download free from internet unless i wan some specific topic like LNT gives a set of flash memory items each term then i source for the pics online n make my own slides other than that i download most from other parents(thanx to all the generous mummies n daddies out there!) i have heard of wink to learn but have not seen any of the discs(songs i usually just play some children's karaoke disc in chinese, eng, cantonese, japanese once in awhile not daily) hmm if its good i can consider getting! if u have shichida cards in jap i would love to borrow them i can translate for u n give u the pronunciation. i dun have many from shichida they are so very ex! my jap cards i write the eng pronunciation behind so when i swop with other mummies they have an easy time with it. u purchased LR? is it good? i'm quite tech idiot so dare not buy these type of programmes unless really easy to use

Title: Re: Suggestions on good pre-school's
Post by: ad on August 28, 2009, 09:56:30 AM

Thanks for the link...will try it. nice to hear u do full home practice session daily. Its really good and hats off to u for making so many cards each day. I will mail you soon....that would be great if you can translate japanese cards. I got geography one's with flags n maps....they give the title list in english but the info printed at the back is all in jap. It would be good if we can swap the material. I ordered some from this site. Decent price but again pics clip art only.

Wink to learn is very daughter loves the songs one....flash cards haven't played much. Its really value for money. Before I came across this site, I bought some from popular n total waste of money...expensive and some i haven't even shown.

Please don't even think twice for buying LR n LM...its just superb. I don't use it everyday but i think, if i use...slowly i can do away with physical cards. If they have trial...pls do many features are just superb, more than one could have asked for. The forum is so much full of info (i don't visit regularly)...came to know about so many things and also good products...with reviews. What's best, parents add and share their work online, which you can also download, some are really really superb ppt's / files...very very good. You can download video's. If you have LR, you can even print LR files. we're planning to invest in a good printer so that we can print directly from LR.

My daughter loves LR but not more than 5-10mins session,  I end up showing her the things she likes, animals, songs, i think, i'll print as she doesn't look at it. With the new version (which seems to be people say), they have set curriculum and you just play it like cd...very very easy...anyone can do it...+ no hassle of lesson planning and preparing material. I'll surely recommend it to you. From lesson 1..they have beginner's level, which my daughter knows (common animals etc so she doesn't sit through) i'm sure as it expands, it will be really worth the investment.