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Title: Questions on Little Math Curriculum (Semester 1)
Post by: tina on June 27, 2009, 03:47:15 AM
Hi all,

I have used the real flash card for my 6.5 month old baby girl for a while. I tried to do it daily but sometimes I can't because I have to take care of my elder baby (2.5 yr old).  I have shown up to 14 dots only.

Now with the new LM, I have a few questions, and hope any moms can help me

1.  From the Doman's book, we show 5 cards each time and except for the first time, we wait for 15 minutes then show another set.  With the math curriculum, there are Day 1 Lessons, Day 2 Lessons, and so on.  For each Lesson, it has Session 1 and Session 2.  I know Session 2 is optional.  Under Session 1, there are 3 lesson 1, 2 and 3.   I found out that all lessons under Session 1 for day 1 to day 4 are from 0 to 5.  It's quite different from what I know for Doman's method.  So the new math curriculum is not following the Doman's method?

2. Under Session 1, there are 3 lessons, should I show all 3 at a time? Or wait for 15 minutes then show the next?  It is going to the same 0 to 5 (randomly) .  Any suggestions?

3. I have been using Chinese (Cantonese) to show the flash card. In this case, if I want to use LM, should I record my own voice in Chinese then play it?  I believe we can modify the curriculum to use our own voice, correct?

4. There are many icons other than red dots.  Should we start with red dots for very young baby first?

5. When my 2.5 yr baby was 8 month, I have shown her red dots flash card as well, but I failed to be consistent.  And once I have stopped it for a while due to my second pregnancy, my daughter did not seem interest at all!  So, with the new LM, do you think I can still play with her?  If so, how should I start? 

Thanks a lot!!


Title: Re: Questions on Little Math Curriculum (Semester 1)
Post by: KL on June 27, 2009, 08:42:58 AM
Let me make a general comment about the LM curriculum and other different Curricula, as I think many may wonder the same when they have also seen the Doman and Shichida curricula (which are already quite different between themselves).

First, it's the same old point I keep making on numerous related things - there are no hard and fast rules (except that learning/teaching should be fun and joyous).  What there are are just GUIDELINES, not rules.  They are there as something that you can CHOOSE to follow or not, and not to enslave you to following.  Every child is different, and a guideline may work better for one child than another.  The most important thing is for YOU the parent to gauge whether this is something that fits your child's needs, or not, and to tailor it accordingly.

Secondly, regarding the LM curriculum, the most important thing to understand is that the medium (or lesson-delivery tool) being used is very very different, and our curriculum is designed with LM in mind, and not flash cards.

If we were to design a curriculum that was to be used with static flash cards, you can bet that the curriculum would look A LOT different.

In particular, our curriculum is designed bearing in mind Little Math's features, such as:

- Different shapes, different colors
- Different icons altogether
- Different sizes, and mixed icons
- Grid display as well as random placement
- Dynamic random placement which is different each time (not 'static random')

There are many more which I will not name, but the list goes on.

Regarding your other questions:

- Each session is designed to be showed in one sitting.  If your child is paying attention, then show them all.  BTW, each lesson is different. For example, lesson one is ordered sequence, the second one is random sequence.  Not to mention different icons each time.

- If you could only use one icon set, then red dots may be a good choice.  Personally speaking, however, I would suggest using at least different shapes and colors instead of just sticking with red dots.

- Definitely try it again with LM.  You might also want to see what many other parents who were in similar situations have said in the Testimonials pages.

Hope that helps! :)

Title: Re: Questions on Little Math Curriculum (Semester 1)
Post by: Sammie09 on December 22, 2010, 08:34:06 PM
How can I adjust the Presets to show RED DOTS only and not the others?

Title: Re: Questions on Little Math Curriculum (Semester 1)
Post by: Kezia on December 24, 2010, 10:25:40 AM
For creating a translation of your Little Math lessons, you will need to make your own Word and Sound sets. This way you have the numerals and corresponding pronunciations in the language you want to teach your baby. Note that when creating Sound sets, you need to have your recordings done first before making the actual LM Sound set.

To apply a specific Word, Sound, and Icon Set (e.g., make all presets use red dots for the icons), you will need to turn the Override function ON, and then set the media sets to the ones you want to use, along with any other playback settings you want to apply to all your lessons/presets.

For more information on how to do these, please check out your Little Math manual by clicking on the HELP button in Little Math, or by going to this page: (