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Title: Get Baby Tracker Software for Pregnancy and After-Birth
Post by: Lappy on February 19, 2010, 05:20:02 AM
We're very pleased to introduce you to BrillKids' sister site:

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ParentWeb is your free online resource for parenting tips, guides and advice! Join our community and find support, get answers to questions and make friends from all over the world!

Since you're already a BrillKids member, you can simply use your existing sign-in information from BrillKids and choose to share your user information with ParentWeb through a migration page - this makes for a simple, hassle-free registration process!

As a welcome gift, we are now offering everyone a free download of our pregnancy and after-birth progress updater - Baby Tracker!
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Baby Tracker is designed with the excited new parent in mind, letting you keep track of your baby’s development as well as providing you with everything you want to know about your baby's progress! Now you can follow your baby's growth, right from your own desktop!

Baby Tracker has a host of great features, perfect for the new parent:

Track your baby's development during pregnancy and after-birth!

Easily keep track of your baby's exact age (down to the very day) through the age counter on the desktop widget! It even gives you a countdown to the number of weeks and days to go during your pregnancy!

Wallpaper Changer and Screensaver

Get relevant fetus pictures for the week of your pregnancy as your desktop wallpaper, as well as all fetus pictures in a photo collage display as a screensaver! Use the wallpaper changer to show all your new baby pictures right on your Windows desktop!

Baby-related News and Articles

Get quick access to popular and interesting pregnancy and baby-related news feeds and blogs to stay abreast of the latest baby-related news and advice!

Our Parenting Community

Stay updated with the latest conversations and discussion topics on the ParentWeb community, and meet other parents with babies of the same age or those in the same location. Earn points through your community participation and get discounts to baby products!

We also hope that you visit ParentWeb (, and find a great wealth of parenting and pregnancy-related articles which may be helpful to you!