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Title: Want to meet up with BrillKids members in your area?
Post by: Kezia on August 18, 2010, 08:13:19 AM
Welcome to the Local Meet-ups board!

Meet up and chat with other BrillKids members in your area!
  • Share parenting or early education experiences
  • Start a parenting or early education support group
  • Share books, references, and resources
  • Arrange playdates for your little ones
  • Or simply chat and have fun with each others' kids!

How do you go about meeting BrillKids members outside the Forum?
All you need to do is start a topic! Simply introduce yourself and mention your general location -- and if you want to be specific, say what you'd like to meet or chat about. From there you can start a headcount of sorts of who'll meet you, or set a date and venue via PMs.

NOTE: For your own safety, please do not post your contact information here (or anywhere else in the Forum, for that matter!) We highly recommend that you talk about private details through personal messages instead.

Start posting now to meet your BrillKids Forum friends offline, and have lots of fun! :yes: