Copy & Paste Arabic words from .pdf to LR Lite?

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Ayesha Nicole:
Dear All,

I am attempting to copy and paste individual Arabic words from a .pdf file and paste it into LR Lite - to no avail.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am unsure how to attach the document I am using for an example.

Thank you.
Ayesha  :(

Ayesha Nicole:
Dear All,

I more frustrated now than before . . . I tried to copy and paste words from an online source > http://www.quranexplorer.com/

into .ppt and it displays correctly in the browser and will paste into .ppt on my husband's laptop . . . yet, on my laptop, the font displays incorrectly with mozilla firefox, and correctly with internet explorer - but does not paste from either link into .ppt on my laptop? 

the displayed Arabic text should appear on screen and in .ppt as seen in:


I have some Arabic fonts loaded and the language settings in windows are already set . . .so, I am more than confused . . .

Please help!
Ayesha  :(

I'm not familiar with Arabic coding systems, so can't really comment much.  But language systems can be a real pain cos there are many different coding systems for languages.  2 arabic texts can look the same on your computer but have different coding underlying it. So it seems like your husband's laptop and yours have different systems installed, and same with your IE and Firefox, apparently.

Have you tried copy/pasting Arabic text from this Forum onto LR? eg., العربية

This uses Unicode and is a widely accepted standard.

Also, apart from copy/pasting into LR, have you tried typing directly into it? Does that work?

Ayesha Nicole:
Dear KL,

Thank you for your technical support.  :)  I was able to copy and paste from the Forum Arabic text as you suggested.  And to type I will have apply the Arabic keyboard stickers and make like a chicken and hunt & peck to type - it is an extremely long process, especially with many key combinations to insert the short vowels and additional markings above and below the letters.  I will ask my husband to type out the Arabic words so I can just copy and paste. 

My frustation is the font type because I need it to display in the "Uthmani script" for words related to the Qur'an.  However, for Modern Standard Arabic words that will be a translation of the English sets I produce, the Arial & Times New Ro script have the same appearance in LR, and the Courier New font is also clearer script in LR.  These will work for MSA. 

So, for the Uthmani script, I figured out how to copy individual words from the .pdf using the 'snapshot' feature and can paste it into .ppt.  I suppose these are images?  Is there a way I can save these 'images' and upload as a picture into LR as opposed to typing it out?

And is there a way to drag words from one folder to another?

Thanks again for your help as I am creating my words sets/categories/playlists!


Yes, you can create images instead, with words on the image.

You can try using Picture Editor.  Under the File menu, select "New".  Best to specify a white background color, and dimensions of at least 800 x 600.

Then click on the Add Text feature. Type in your text in the box, and select your font.  Then click on the middle of the picture to put your text there. then save it.

When you play back the Category, switch to Picture Only (flash) mode.  Your pronunciation files should be in picture audio instead, or put in pronunciation but for picture audio, select "play pronunciation instead".

If you want the word picture to be followed by a 'real' picture, then select "2" for the number of media to be played back.

And yes, you can drag word files from one folder to another. Try it. :)


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