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As far as I know from reading forum quite some people are using both Right Start and Singapore for teaching math. Could you please explain what is difference between them? As far as I can see there is more geometry in Right Start but this is actually the one that I spotted. Can Right Start be considered as next step after Singapore math, at least Kindergarden one? My son is 3 and we just started Singapore kindergarden A.

Thanks in advance, Jane.

I have a no idea about Right math since we were basically at Singapore. Singapore math is a fresh and mastery approach ti learning math and hence i would prefer that. I dont know whether Right math has a similar approach. Have you decided for your child right now?

From what I remember (which might be wrong  :tongue: ) Rightstart is based on the Singapore Math method. I've been eyeing up both, but I can't really afford either (with RS the international postage is 25% of the cost again!) so I'm planning an amalgum of Montessori-style and MEP, with some JG-style worksheets thrown in for good measure :)

Here is a link to a forum topic loaded with info on rightstart and probably Singapore too  :biggrin:

Right start math is very different to Singapore math. It is not based on Singapore math, instead it is based on Montessori math.
RS does things a bit differently. It is very heavy with the use of manipulatives. It demphasises counting relying more on subtitizing groups of 5. The abacus is an integral part of RS math. But it is differnt to soroban abacus.
There is very little book work. Mastery is achieved by playing games rather than drilling with worksheets.
The thing I love best is the strong place value aspect.

I started RS with James shortly after he turned 2. It was the best fit for a math program when he was little. I modified things so that we could slowly go through it.
I have since supplemented with a variety of other math programs, mostly working at concept mastery,  and basic number sense, remaining under the value of 10. I will go back to RS to use as my spine one we move onto double digit numbers because of their place value system.


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