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Dear moms and dads,

Does anyone know any children Chinese songs in youtube. Try to find any, but it's just too few.. any links would be so much helpful.

Type in "Sing to learn chinese" (it's a dvd by the Wink to Learn people)
I only saw one extract but then you have suggestions for more songs...

Hi, there are tons of Chinese kids' songs on youtube.
Try typing in "liang zhi lao hu song", there's lots, including my 4 yr old singing it (username "artistcolor") or "twinkle twinkle little star chinese version".

Not sure what the name of the "Yi er san si wo liu qi, wo de pengyou zai zhe li?" song is, but here is an example: http://www.youtube.com/v/nafpkNcmouA&rel=1 and you can click on the related songs on the side menu.

Here's an example of "zhao pengyou" http://www.youtube.com/v/x4QxN0OE7b4&rel=1... again check related songs on the side menu.

You  can try finding even more by copying and pasting the CHINESE CHARACTERS instead of pinyin or English name of the songs... just copy and paste only the chinese characters from one song into the "search" on youtube, and you'll be "into" the Chinese-language stuff... again you can follow "related videos" and "more by this user" on the side menu. Try 上学歌 (Shang xue ge... going to school song)

You can also go onto sites like http://childbook.com and click on song cds, and copy and paste the chinese character song names in the listings of what is on the cd, into youtube.

Have fun!!

Great suggestion, that is very helpful!!

my daughter loves the malaysian children's singing group "four golden princess" who performed traditional children's songs that i remember from my own childhood. they have dozens of music videos and my 18 month old loves to dance along and copy their actions. they actually started performing when they were 3 or 4 years old back in the 80s, i think. the four golden princess are all grown up now and have branched out into singing chinese pop and love songs. just type in "four golden princess" or "vickyluvparis" and choose the older videos where the girls were little kids. they're cuter and appropriate for kids. my daughter also loves it that they dress up in different traditional chinese costumes for some of their music videos.


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